Mandatory Kit

KitNote that this is the kit list regardless of the weather – even if there is bright blue sky and not a cloud to be seen. With the length of this event and the fickle nature of weather in the Lakes, all this kit needs to be carried and most probably more!

  • Waterproof jacket with a hood – not a bin bag or fashion jacket. It needs to have a waterproof membrane and taped seams.
  • Waterproof trousers – as above
  • Insulated layer – fleece / lightweight duvet jacket
  • Long sleeve top
  • Hat (not a buff) and gloves
  • Map (supplied)
  • MUG – a device that can take at least 200ml of hot water and not fall apart or damage the user. And can be used for hygienically drinking from (so you can’t use your shoe!) – no soft cups.Kit
  • Compass
  • Torch and spare batteries (or spare torch)
  • Bivy bag (replaced foil blanket) new for 2018 e.g. This one
  • Mobile phone, must not to be used for navigation or have GPS enabled (e.g. strava, mapping tools). If need be carry another phone.
  • Whistle
  • Money (not just a credit card)
  • FACEMASK – must be a proper facemask we will not accept ‘Buff’ style facecoverings. You will need these for all indoor spaces and outdoors if in close proximity to staff or other participants.

Please use your common sense. This is a long run in wild terrain. If you are at the start line wearing a t-shirt and shorts carrying nothing but a bum bag, expect us to be asking a few questions. If the weather is bad then pack extra kit. This event is not like many other ultras in the UK calendar – it goes up on to the high fells and STAYS up there so don’t take any chances.

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